Our innovative approach is made up of three main elements, Allocation, Relocation and Integration.  

Each requires different steps to ensure all of our clients are provided with the best service, customized

to their specific needs and giving them the best chance at a successful fresh start.





  • Initial council referral to Network Housing Solutions

  • Liaise with local authority officer to establish most suitable service for client

  • Assessment of needs and requirements

  • Booking form completed and returned to us by the local authority officer

  • Brochure of matching available properties sent to the client

  • Client chooses property from available options

  • Match to new home 

  • Property allocated to clients

  • Move in date set

  • Transport arranged for client and their belongings

  • Contact with client and Network Housing staff ensure the journey goes smoothly

  • Staff liaise with the removals team to ensure client's belongings arrive safely

  • Client met at the station by our staff and driven to allocated property

  • Warm welcome to new home

  • Hot meal and food parcel provided

  • Welcome pack customized to client

  • Guided tour of local amenities  

  • 24 month tenancy agreement signed

  • Support with applying for benefits

  • Support with school admissions

  • Support sourcing school uniforms

  • Support with GP registrations

  • Support with dentist registrations 

  • Support with grant/funding applications

  • Support finding community clubs

  • Support locating places of worship

  • Support sourcing further education courses

  • Life skills workshops

  • Job seeking events

  • Community integration workshops

  • Support sourcing day to day goods

  • Financial budgeting workshops