Moving to a brand new place involves more than just finding a new home, unpacking boxes and hanging pictures on the walls.


While the logistics of a move are laborious, it is what comes next that can be the most challenging and time-consuming: integrating fully into your new community.


When you’re making a long-distance move, you are essentially moving into a brand new life with new friends, surroundings, church, medical care, hairdresser…everything! 


While the Internet has made it infinitely easier to find your closest grocery store, we aim to equip our tenants with all the necessary tools to be able to reintegrate into their new communities.

Our community integration service is designed to help our clients to optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency to live successfully in the community to reduce barriers between residents.


A person may participate in a variety of community life experiences or interactions that may include:


  • Leisure or recreational activities.

  • Communication activities.

  • Spiritual activities.

  • Cultural activities.

  • Vocational pursuits.

  • Volunteerism.

  • Educational and training activities.

  • Development of living skills.

  • Health and wellness promotion.

  • Orientation, mobility, and destination training.

  • Access and utilization of public transportation.

  • Interacting with volunteers from the community in program activities.

  • Community collaborations and social connections developed by the program (partnerships with community entities such as senior centres, arts councils, etc.).