About Network Housing Solutions Ltd

Network Housing Solutions Ltd is an organisation formed to provide an innovative approach to the growing demand for alternative options to costly emergency and temporary accommodation. 

The rising housing crisis in London and the introduction of the new Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, obliging councils to provide help to those threatened with losing their homes within 56 days, is putting a strain on all London Borough Councils. 

We are aware of the need to provide a solution to this, as everybody deserves quality and secure housing. Therefore we take a partnership approach to our business with Local Authorities and aid with housing shortages and the prevention of homelessness by helping councils to achieve government targets.

We aim to provide affordable accommodation and support to those who need it most by assisting with our services in enabling local authorities to successfully relocate and discharge their duty to homeless families, by offering them a home outside of London Boroughs, with a 24 month tenancy in the private sector. 

Our professional employees hold years of combined previous experience in the social housing and care sectors and have built up strong working relationships with our partners and local authorities. Our relocations coordinators effectively assist to provide bespoke solutions, providing the best start to clients relocating with us.


Our organisations’ aim is to improve living circumstances and provide support in securing future prospects for clients. We therefore strive to source suitable, low cost residential properties, in locations Nationwide and work closely with various government and voluntary organisations, to support and integrate our clients into their new surroundings.

Our combination of housing and support services, deliver a cost-effective way to help people live more stable, productive lives. Long term accommodation and hands on support combined is widely believed to work especially well for those who face complex challenges and individuals or families confronted with serious issues. These may include low-income families, voluntary/ involuntary homelessness, ex-offenders, and victims of domestic violence, all of which can pose serious challenges to a successful and enjoyable life. 

We ensure all our properties fall within the relevant Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates and comply with all the necessary safety regulations by carrying out thorough property inspections. All our properties are HHSRS compliant.

Our housing portfolio is ever changing and suitable properties are being acquired on an on-going basis, this gives us the ability to respond to requests for new or specific accommodation, as our portfolio continues to expand.