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Our organisation assists Local Authorities with shortages of affordable accommodation and the prevention of homelessness by connecting them and their clients to our network of private sector housing and tenant support services. Our innovative approach delivers a cost-effective way to help clients live more stable, productive lives, and provides alternative options to costly emergency and temporary accommodation.


Our dedicated team can help to let your property! Landlords with just one property or an extensive portfolio, agents and housing associations, all benefit from our FREE tenant find service!

We help our landlords to maximise their rental return by securing long term tenants and our property experts provide a professional service, with a personal approach. 

We are continuously sourcing good condition, affordable homes to add to our network on an ongoing basis.


Long term accommodation in the private sector and hands on support helping to settle into a new location, can improve living circumstances and future prospects for your whole family. Our support services provide the best chance of personal progression for all of our tenants with a personalised support plan tailored to your needs from allocation, to relocation and integration to your new home and community. 

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